Always i wanted to have my own blog to explain all kind of things. But never i had the time to make it real. Some years ago when i was doing an intership at InLab i did some static (but awesome) page using jekyll and today i decided to start my blog using Jekyll.

Why Jekyll instead of Wordpress?

It’s true that all the things that i can do with Wordpress i can’t do with Jekyll but on the other hand if you would like to use your own domain and don’t want to have your own server (Digital Ocean, AWS or others) and you would like to have it almost for free (only the cost of domain) Jekyll is your best solution.

Where do you host your blog?

I already said that Jekyll builds a static site? Thanks to this i can host this blog using my github profile and github pages.

But, it’s difficult to use?

No at all! But the best post to learn how jekyll works is reading this amazing article bencentra wellcome to jekyll.