Marc Cobos

I’m currently having fun at Lernin Games as Software Developer (Ex Trovit, Ex ExoClick), I’m interested in everything that is related to clean code, software craftsmanship, web, devops and mobile applications.

I always wonder why things work the way they do, why we keep doing them the same way over and over instead of push them to the next level. I’m a Software Engineer focused in developing applications with Golang, AWS SDK, Terraform, PHP, NodeJS, Java, Ajax, JQuery, CSS, Mysql, Python, MongoDB and others…

Also experience with:

  • Golang
  • Terraform
  • AWS Prodcuts (EC2, ELB, Security Groups, Redshift, RDS, SNS, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, and others)
  • DDD Domain Driven Design, Design Patterns
  • PHP Frameworks: Symfony, Silex, Zend
  • Redis and Memcache
  • Queue Systems (Beanstalk, RabbitMQ)
  • Other lenguages frameworks like (AngularJS, Bootstrap, Meteor)
  • BD (Mysql (InnoDb, MariaDb), MongoDB)
  • Developing Android and IOs Apps using Libgdx
  • Other well-known language: C, C++
  • Advanced OS knowledge: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Vagrant, Docker.
  • Agile methodologies
  • Git
  • Monitoring services: StatsD, Graphite, Grafana
  • I’ve done different projects using different ARM systems (Raspberry Pi, Odroid)
  • Ansible

I love to attend all kind of meetups and conferences to learn from another professionals and share impressions, ideas and knowledge.

Also you can see my github: http://github.com/coboshm

I just love my job.

Also i love the sea, the island of Menorca and my home city Barcelona.